To prepare Iraqi students for transforming global challenges, the Da Vinci Group in collaboration with Ai Doctrine utilizes the exceptional NAO robots on the soccer field. The Da Vinci Group is on a mission to help children keep pace with the highly technical era. They believe that it’s high time to adopt the revolutionizing robotics in the field of education. This way, the students can have hands-on experience in operating and understanding robots. It is practicable only by replacing conventional and outdated computer labs with advanced robotic labs. It should be made mandatory to learn robotic behavior and robotic education as it’s where the world is heading to. The group firmly holds onto the idea of giving students an innovative, inclusive, and transparent tomorrow.

The soccer match using the highly professional and intelligent humanoid NAO robots and Choregraphe programming is an attempt to make their vision a reality. The NAO robots from SoftBank Robotics are fully autonomous robots and are equipped with the power to take decisions independently, making them highly functional in the soccer game. The soccer match will stimulate the innovative and the wondrous team play capabilities of the NAO robots. The human-like design and locomotion allows NAO robots to perform complex motions during the soccer match. Games using robotics don’t merely grasp focus but also raise curiosity among the students, ultimately making them learn and utilize robotics with enthusiasm.

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Da Vinci Group was established in Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq at the dawn of 2013. It is globally acknowledged for its contributions to the educational sector. It has partnered with Microsoft, IBO, CUP, Jolly Learning, Aptis British Council, etc. to fulfill the learning needs of the community. The group has laid the foundation of four branches to make quality education and learning accessible to all Iraqi students. Da Vinci School – International prepares students to be international citizens, Da Vinci Institute offers modern science and technology education, Da Vinci Magazine disseminates contemporary ideas and solutions, and Da Vinci Studio School offers creative computer and commerce education.

Ai Doctrine, the pioneer solutions provider in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions and robots in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa, strongly supports all such initiatives that lead to a better and transformative tomorrow.