To better comprehend the employment of robotics in the automotive industry, Lexus Kuwait in a joint effort with Ai Doctrine investigates its techniques for enhancing differentiated customer service.

Robots are an ultimate necessity in the automotive industry especially in assembling the mechanical parts but with the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and robotics in an array of fields, efforts have been made to employ robots for customer service in the retail setup too.
The automotive industry is adopting advanced digital technologies to a great extent. The high traffic volume and transforming technologies led Lexus Kuwait to call for a distinctive approach to improve customer service.

Lexus analyzed the advantages of deploying robots to achieve customer satisfaction at its headquarters in Kuwait. The activity was focused on increasing the quality of sales and after-sale services. Lexus Kuwait considered employing humanoid robots in the pursuit to improve customer experience in the automotive industry to help provide differentiated services for the purchase of new cars, give valuable insights on the beneficent features of cars, and offer value-based after-sale services.

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Our highly professional service humanoid robots demonstrated the possibilities of giving product messages, brand objectives, store orientation, and feature tutorials. The robots could also assist in driving proactive sales and commendable after-sale services when the customer drove their cars for services. Pepper from SoftBank Robotics can attract core attention, drive traffic, initiate healthy interactions, and inform as well as collect feedback and customer data. It could help fulfill customers’ needs by understanding their behaviors. The demonstration of the proof of concept was a success as the functions and services of the robots were absolutely exceptional. The ability to rapidly create unique experiences without any programing using Arabic and English languages was distinctly appreciated.

Lexus has a prominent presence in Kuwait for its groundbreaking engineering and state-of-the-art technology. It offers superior craftsmanship and quality materials, making it the epitome of luxury. Lexus offers cars that are stunning to look at and deliver exceptional performance. It is continuously evolving to provide brilliance to every customer and the inclination to employ robotics is a manifestation of its vision.
With Ai Doctrine, Lexus Kuwait was enabled to witness the wonders of robotics and this is what we work hard for. We, at Ai Doctrine, are on a mission to empower industries with AI and robotics across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa. We’ve partnered with globally acknowledged companies to offer the best service robots in order to make industries more productive and innovative.