KFAS- App training by Ai doctrine

Ai Doctrine Conducts Application Training at the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS)

The “App Training” provided hands-on experience to the participants and shed light on the essential aspect of AI at KFAS headquarters in Kuwait. Ai Doctrine, a leading distributor of AI solutions and robotics, successfully performed the exclusive application training that incorporated the practices of both hardware and software of AI products and solutions. The hardware training is indispensable for understanding the significance of robust hardware to make AI systems more efficient and faster than ever before. The contemporary AI solutions and robotics need the tremendous processing power of artificial intelligence and making the hardware compatible to ensure a seamless experience becomes the need of the hour.
There is no doubt that AI is more of a software computer program rather than hardware. Its ability to mimic human actions through understanding human expressions, insights, and data pattern call for extensive training programs. Hence, Ai Doctrine performed the hardware and software training to help participants get a strong grip over the relativity, utility and working of these programs. This was done to provide the participants with an ample amount of practice-based knowledge in order to develop inventive and innovative applications.

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During the training session, the trainers from Ai Doctrine, discussed in detail, the significance of creating innovative solutions for education, banking sectors, healthcare, hospitality, and tourism industries. As artificial intelligence is leading the way to more productivity and efficient lifestyle and work practices, we, at Ai Doctrine, guided the participants about the advantages and disadvantages of AI.

As it is rightfully understood that studying, practicing, and implementing artificial intelligence is an intricate process that is full of complexities. Therefore, we trained the participant on how not to automate a bad process as automating a bad process ends in the creation of inefficiency, extra effort to handle procedures, rework cycles, and duplicate tasks. Also, there are ethical standards that are essential to meet while automating a process. The trainers also shed light on the ethical values that are integral while developing the application.
At the completion of the training, the participants were able to successfully develop applications that welcomed VIP and international guests at the KFAS HQ in Kuwait.
The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) is a private, non-profit organization and was established in 1976. Science, technology, and innovation are at the core of KFAS, making it a leader in launching technical training sessions.