Artificial Intelligence


  1. Helped increase up to 300% in revenue for “The Ave” retail (customized shoes store in USA)
  2. 70% in foot traffic for “Beta” (High Tech retail store in USA)
  3. 1,000+ customer found way at Westfield Way (USA)


  1. Teaches AI programming to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) students
  2. Coaches healthy lifestyle using Yoga exercises for kids to follow the robot
  3. Increase responsiveness from student with:
    • Autism spectrum,
    • Exceptional Student Education or
    • Behavioral disorders 


  1. Reduce operational costs by automating repeatable tasks
  2. Increase corporate productivity by automating tasks with constant staff turnover and low accuracy .
  3. Capitalize on Machine and Deep Learning technologies to provide improved CX


  1. Increase immediacy of responses to your customers.
  2. Use natural language to respond to your customers using multi-languages.
  3. Realize ROI as low as 3 months with Chatbots investments.